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With their rich clear tone, distinctive beauty and workmanship, Fladmark Autoharps offer the best in sight and sound.  Add the great value of a Fladmark autoharp, and you’ve got a quality investment that will return a lifetime of performance and satisfaction.

Each instrument is handmade by Tom Fladmark, an experienced craftsman and long time autoharp player.  Tom chooses only instrument quality spruce for the sound board, hard maple for the frame, and select northern hardwoods for the back, bars and trim.  The proper selection and use of these special woods help provide the incredible sound, structural integrity and striking elegance for which Fladmark Autoharps are known.

The innovative frame design and hand carved braces provides rugged strength and stability while also allowing maximum vibration of the sound board and back producing volume and rich tone like no other autoharp.

Other features include a comfortable rounded bar-end cover and arm rest.  The bars ride on a Delrin plastic comb and spring assembly providing quiet, positive action and the contoured buttons allow control and comfort.  Fladmark fine tuners are made of precision machined, anodized aluminum, weighing less than half of other brass fine tuners and are standard on all Fladmark Autoharps.  The signature oval sound hole is always decorated with a beautiful abalone or mother-of-pearl inlay.

All Fladmark autoharps are fitted with custom strings made here at Fladmark Woodworks.  These are premium quality strings that fit perfectly and sound great.  Every tuning is carefully designed to provide optimum sound from bass to treble in every chord.  Each string is sized to provide the best performance for the note and position on the autoharp.  Not only does this insure the best possible sound from each string, it also provides a smooth transition from string to string and octave to octave, giving you more controlled picking and better dampening.

In addition to the technical advantages of a Fladmark Autoharp, its graceful lines and expert craftsmanship make it a truly beautiful instrument.  Tom’s attention to detail goes from frame to finish, making this autoharp not only a joy to play but a joy to behold as well.  Fladmark Autoharps are the choice of many professional and award-winning amateur musicians as well as beginners who want an instrument they will never outgrow.  A Fladmark Autoharp will be enjoyed for generations and comes with a lifetime warranty.