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New! Stringing You Along - Autoharp Video Workshop

Greg Schreiber and I have just published an instructional video covering all aspects of changing strings on virtually any autoharp. Whether you have an OS or a hand-crafted luthier 'harp, we will show you exactly how to approach and complete the task of changing just one or all the strings on your 'harp. The video includes instructions for working with A and B model OS 'harps as well as 'harps featuring Schreiber, D'aigle, and/or Lumbert fine tuners.





We make our own strings at Fladmark Woodworks and they are the best autoharp strings available anywhere.  Every string is designed to fit right and perform well on your autoharp.  We use quality materials and precision winding techniques to assure that every string will sound great and last a long time.    We offer many more sizes than just the standard chromatic set so that custom or diatonic tunings will have the properly scaled string for the note and position on the autoharp.   Properly scaled strings insures the best possible sound and provides a smooth transition from string to string and octave to octave, giving you more controlled picking and dampening.


We always have strings on hand for Fladmark Autoharps but we make other brand and model autoharp and zither strings as well. 

Full set price:  $69.00

Individual strings:

• Double Wound:
• Single Wound:
• Plain:



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